Herb for 2016 Year is: Peppers -Capsicum ssp - Part 2

Cayenne has been known to bring blood and body heat to the surface, stimulating sweating and cooling of the body. It also acts as an energy stimulant, slightly encouraging the adrenals to produce cortisone (Keville, 1996). Research has shown that Capsaicin blocks the transmission of pain and itching by nerve fibers in the skin. When Capsaicin applied in the form of a tropical cream helps to relieve pain by depleting local supplies of a neurotransmitter called substance P. (Hoffman 1996). Clinical trials showed that 75% of the people who applied a capsaicin cream on their shingle disease experienced substantial pain relief, with only occasional burning sensation. A small amount of cayenne sta

Herb for 2016 Year is: Peppers -Capsicum ssp - Part 1

Every year the International Herb Association (http://www.iherb.org/117-2/) celebrates the herb. The purpose of the herb of the year is to develop and coordinate national attention on herbs, herbal uses, herb businesses, and the IHA. This year's herb is the very popular Capsicum annuum pepper plant. You maybe familiar of Capsicum annuum plant in hot sauce if you from the South or in Pepper Spray if you are in Law Enforcement. The interesting thing about this herb is its powerful ingredients and its verstility particularly in cooking. Capsicum annuum otherwise known as the Cayenne plant has a very rich history since the time of Columbus coming to the new world. Capsicum annuum (Cayenne)

Go Wear Red in February!

February is the American Heart Association “Go Wear Red” campaign where the organization raises heart disease awareness for women. A lot of us ladies will be wearing out lovely red suits and red dress pins but do we really know how it is important to prevent and fight against this deadly disease. It is estimated that 43 million women in the U.S. are affected by heart disease unfortunately only one in five women believe heart disease is a great health problem. Is it due to the lack of education about heart disease or is it still being known as a Man’s Disease? Unfortunately, African American women are at greater risk of cardiovascular disease and nearly half (49 percent) of all non-Hispani

Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day

A person once told me that there is no way you can have a healthy heart valentine’s day. When you are out with the one you love you can’t but splurge on chocolate rich assortments of candies, you usually skip your exercise plan to get ready for the valentine’s day evening date and eating out at a fine highly fat tasting restaurant where you top of the meal with a luscious unhealthy dessert. The person continued to say that the only healthy thing during that day are the roses! I had to agree and disagree this statement that this person told me. The part I do agree with is yes that it can be a unhealthy eating day but I also disagree that it has to be like this on Valentine’s Day. We all ha

Winter Season Foods

Since the winter is here do you think eating locally needs to stop during this time of year? Definitely not so! Cold weather crops, the use of hoop houses and other methods to extend the natural growing season, and old storage bins for vegetables like cabbages and potatoes all mean that there are plenty of winter fruits and vegetables to choose from in most of the country. Look for the winter fruits and vegetables at farmers markets and in produce departments for the best flavor (and greatest value) in season. Specific crops and harvest dates will depend on your region’s climate and most of these are only available locally in temperate regions. What types of fruits and vegetables are good t