April is Garden Month

It is that time of year again! Spring is here and so is the time to start gardening. Community Gardening is the best way of helping Mother Earth because not only are you helping the environment but you also are helping your community! I am back this year as a volunteer master gardener and helping my fabulous church – Lithia Spring United Methodist Church – ( www.lithiaspringsmethodist.org – Pastor John Merk) with their community garden again on our church grounds. This year we are going to add to the garden are fruits and pumpkins. Community gardens are such a great need nowadays since the prices of organic produce has been going sky high. Recently, I wrote an article called "Dig It! 4 In

Herb Guide to Cooking

As you probably know that I love cooking with herbs and that I believe in the power of healing with herbs. But I notice that a lots of people do not like to cook with herbs because they are not sure how to cook with them or that they are afraid that they will not have the right tasty combination to add to their meal. I can understand how they feel because I was one who was only a salt and pepper type of cook. Once I was able to overcome my fears of cooking with herbs, I started to rely on them more and use salt and pepper less. For those who want to take this cooking herbal adventure, let me share with you five tips that can help you to start making herbs as part of your culinary repertoi

Making Time to Exercise With Nature - Part 2

I am again out on the road and this time I am at Hollywood Beach, Florida to work for the Black Enterprises - Women of Power Summit. I had a chance to work as a nutritional consultant for Abbott Corporation who was a sponsor at this event. I really enjoy this conference because it give women a chance to network with positive like minded women. The speakers at this summit were Actress Vanessa Williams and Alfre Woodard who received Legacy Awards and Debra L. Lee, chairman and CEO of BET Networks. To see the videos of these talks click here So excited to see all of these incredible women and hearing them speech but the best thing I had the chance to do at this trip was the sunrise beach yoga

Making Time to Exercise with Nature - Part 1

I always love to travel and discover what is new in every location that I visit even if it is my backyard. I had the priviledge of going to a nature cultural hike with the Keeping It Wild group at the local state park called Sweetwater Park. Keeping It Wild (http://keepingitwild.org/) is quote "was created in 2005 by several Atlanta citizen-advocates who perceived the need to bring together members of diverse conservation communities in order to promote better stewardship for the natural lands in our area." A quote from the Keeping It Wild website states "We promote the enjoyment of the outdoors by overcoming barriers and providing opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, interes