National Picnic Month

Everyone is familiar with Independence Day on July 4th is celebrated during the month of July but alot of us do not know that it is also National Picnic Month. We have all come to celebrate the love of being outside enjoying each other’s company by having a nice relaxing picnic. When you have a picnic you are celebrating the open air and nature all it has to offer. But what is the definition of picnic and how did picnicking started. Picnics are extremely popular all throughout the spring summer and fall but during the month of July you see picnics everywhere and I do mean everywhere! One of the reasons why picnics are so popular in July is because a large number of families take their vacat

First Day of Summer is Today!!

Summer is officially here and this is the time for eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a positive step towards better health and weight management. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics used a quick and easy way to remember the importance of fruit and vegetables tips. There are 26 letters in the alphabet – if you use one of these tips every two weeks you will have a much healthier year! A – Apple – Keep a crisp one in your refrigerator – it will be ready for a sweet snack. B – Banana – A banana can make a breakfast on the run, snack or a dessert. C – Carrots – Buy carrot matchsticks or grated carrots and use them on tossed salads. D – Dried Fruit – Ke

Ouch! My back hurts!

We all at some time or another have experience acute back pain. But what are some of the ways that you can relieve this troubling pain? Pain is a sensation that provides us with information about tissue -damaging stimuli and thus often enables us to protect ourselves from greater damage (Seeley, R., Stephens, T., & Tate, P., 1999). Pain at low levels can motivate you to rest the injured area so that the tissues can be repaired and prevent any additional damage (Balch, 2006). If the pain is severe, it can motivate you to seek treatment. Acute pain in the lower back can alert you that there is a problem that needs immediate attention and this pain may last long after an injured area has he

Lemon Balm - The Calming Herb

I always love the smell of lemon balm herb particularly when it gets close to summer. There is some interesting historical information about this aromatic herb! Lemon Balm - Melissa officinalis - has a interesting history since the Greek and Roman times. Homer's Odyssey mentioned about Lemon Balm and so has the Roman scholar Pliny who noted that bees preferred lemon balm to other plants. The Greek physician Dioscorides placed Melissa officinalis on bites, both scorpion and dog, and then would drop some more lemon balm into wine for the patient to drink. Dioscorides wrote about many bite remedies because none of them worked well and alot of herbalist during that time kept experimenti