Food Allergy Testing Methods

An allergy is an inappropriate response by the body's immune system to a substance that is not normally harmful (Balch 2006). Food Allergies occurs when a person's immune system generates an antibody response to the ingested food (Balch 2006). In 2012, 5.6% or 4.1 million children reported food allergies in the past 12 months (Bloom, Cohen & Freeman 2011). In order to see what appropriate treatment is helpful for a person who has food allergies it is important to start using different food allergies testing methods. The different food allergy testing methods are the elimination/challenge, skin prick testing, atopy patch test, radioallergosorbent testing, enzyme-link immunosorbent assay

Essential Oils and Psychoneuroimmunology

Psychoneuroimmunology is a study that investigates the interactions between behavior and the immune system, mediated by the endocrine and nervous systems (Ziemssen & Kern 2007). Psychoneuroimmunology main interests are the interactions between the nervous and immune systems and the relationships between mental processes and health. Psychoneuroimmunology studies the connections or links between our "state" of mind and our "state" of health (Dohms 2016). Psychoneuroimmunology research demonstrates that emotions influence immunological functioning and that too much stress has a negative impact on the functioning of the body’s immune system. Recent research suggests that the immune system can

Quinoa - Living Healthy Show Moment

Welcome to the Living Healthy Show! In this Living Healthy Moment episode that Denine Rogers MS, RDN, LD, FAND gives details about versatility uses of Quinoa! Let me know your comments, suggestions and thoughts about the Living Healthy Show! The purpose of the Living Healthy Show is for all of us to educate, inform and promote a discussion about what ways that we can start Living Healthy!! So Enjoy and Start Living Healthy Today! Subscribe to the Living Healthy Show You-Tube Channel - Special thanks to Blake Livingston - Producer of Living Healthy Show - Quinoa Hot Cereal Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 22 minutes Y

Healthy Back to School Snacks

Back to school again in the South, Midwest and West Coast. My, how time goes by so quickly. This is the season where a lot of our darling children will come home for a long day of school screaming “ Mom!” “What’s for dinner?” or “Mom, I am hungry!” “What do we have to eat!” If you do not have dinner ready now you can give them a healthy snack that will tie them over until dinner time. Pick snacks that taste good, help them to look and feel great. Make sure that you do not give too much of a snack that your child will not have enough to eat for dinner. But, if your child is doing something active like playing a sport, taking a dance class, biking or running around with your friends,