During thanksgiving we think of meals being Turkey, stuffing with giblet gravy,  green beans with bacon bits and collards with turkey necks.  But what about those who are vegetarians?  What can they eat while the carnivorous are enjoying their meals? Vegetarians have a variety of different foods such as Touf Turkey to vegetarian stuffing and yes, they can have a healthy and delicious Thanksgiving meal!  Here are some healthy vegetarian recipes that you may want to add to your Thanksgiving meal.  Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy!!

Vegetarian Tofu Turkey Loaf

By Jolinda Hackett


2 blocks firm or extra firm tofu, well pressed

3 tbsp soy sauce

1 1/2 tbsp sesame oil

1 1/2 tbsp dry sherry

3 tbsp water

1/4 tsp black pepper


Freeze the tofu overnight. Allow it to thaw, then press well to squeeze out all the extra water.

Place the tofu blocks in a lightly greased loaf pan, squeezing them as close together as possible.

In a small bowl, whisk together the remaining ingr...

Diabetes Awareness is in November and diabetes has become a tremendous epidemic nationwide.  It is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, and it is estimated that 7 million people in the U.S. are unaware they have it.  But there is good news that diabetes can be managed and even prevented with a few lifestyle changes.

Persons with diabetes are unable to make or properly use insulin.  There are certain factors place individuals at a higher risk for developing the most common form, Type 2 diabetes.

Who is at Risk?

The persons who are at risk include older age, obesity, a family history of diabetes, history of gestational diabetes, impaired glucose metabolism, physical inactivity and race or ethnicity. African-Americans, Hispanic/Latino-Americans, American Indians and some Asian-Americans and Native-Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders are at particularly high risk for Type 2 diabetes and its complications.

What Are Symptoms of Diabetes?

Many people who are unaware they...

Have you ever visit a nursing home lately?  Have you notice that there are more senior citizens are being diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease?  In a Gallup poll

     Hypertension happens when there is an abnormal elevated pressure and the heart must work harder to pump an adequate amount of blood to all the tissues of the body.   The treatment is to lower the blood pressure to less than 140 systolic and less than 90 diastolic for most people.  Below are three examples of natural support options to lower blood pressure.  

    Nutrition -

      It is important to follow a strict salt-free diet which is the essential for lowering blood pressure.  Start doing this by reading the food labels and look for the serving size amount then the milligrams of sodium.  It depends on the amount of sodium restriction that the doctor wants client to have and it can range from 2,300 mgs to 1,000 mgs per day.  A low sodium product is 300 mgs and under based on the serving size amount.  Also read the ingredient section of the food label  and beware for items that states salt, soda, sodium, sodium bicarbonate, monosodium glutamate.  You...

October is the month and time to celebrate the connections that are happening all over the country between schools and local food!

Farm to School is unique program that connects schools (K-12) and local farms with the objectives of serving healthy meals in school cafeterias, improving student nutrition, providing agriculture, health and nutrition education opportunities, and supporting local and regional farmers. This special program exist in all 50 states, but since Farm to School is a grassroots movement, the programs are as diverse as the communities that build them.

What are the benefits of Farm to School?

Farm to School programs are based on the foundation that students will choose healthier foods.  These healthy foods includes more fruits and vegetables, that are fresh, locally grown, and picked at the peak of their flavor.   The Farm to School programs provide benefits to the entire community: children, farmers, food service staff, parents, and teachers.  Here are some statistics a...

I have notice in recent years the increase rates of people being diagnosis with this chronic, autoimmune disease called Lupus.  There has been a lot of big misunderstanding about this disease.  Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and kidneys but the problem with this disease is that no one knows the cause.  The symptoms of Lupus are affecting so many different organs and the wide range of symptoms can occur very frequently.  Lupus being an autoimmune disease has cause the immune system not being able to tell the difference between foreign body invaders and the body’s healthy tissues and creates auto-antibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue.  It is not contagious nor is it not like or related to HIV or Cancer.  It is believed that 5 million people throughout the world have a form of lupus and women of color are 2-3 times more likely to develop lupus.   A diagnosis of lupus remains with you for th...


     This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have received questions about what types of CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) integrated supports for cancer.

     CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) is becoming increasing popular in the support for cancer treatment in the past ten years.  More people are using to CAM particularly with the cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation therapy which can produce harsh results to the human body.  There are five CAM integrative support therapies that have interesting findings with the cancer treatment.  They are lymphatic massages techniques, Qi Gong, Astragalus herb, European Mistletoe and Iyengar Yoga.

     Lymphatic massages provide external pressure specifically to affect the movement of the lymph (Knaster, 1996). It is a very light massage and it does not penetrate to the levels of your muscles.  This is because almost half of the body 's lymph li...

Garden pest rely on their taste and smell to find a certain plant to eat.  When adding essential oils on to these plants, this can deter garden pest from feeding. I am an avid gardener who loves to get my hands dirty and reap the benefits from my harvest.  Lately, it has been hard to get rid of those pests that are trying to destroy my garden. Doing this research paper has made me understand what essential oils that can get rid of the garden pest, hopefully for good.

    In recent years, the use of essential oils (EOs) derived from aromatic plants as low-risk insecticides has increased considerably owing to their popularity with organic growers and environmentally conscious consumers (Regnault-Roger, Vincent & Arnason 2012). EOs have repellent, insecticidal, and growth-reducing effects on a variety of insects. The efficacy of EOs and their constituents varies according to the phytochemical profile of the plant extract and the entomological target.  The aromatic characteristics of...

The place that I stop at was the Smith Family Cabin and the Atlanta History Center. The Smith Family Cabin was visited in an 1860's farm and meet living history characters who share the challenges of life during the Civil War. I had an excellent delightful conversation with the character actor Jasper Smith as he tells tales of the civil war and examines his modest crops and farm animals.  Here is some information below about the Smith Family Cabin from the Atlanta History Center:  

"The Smith Family Farm includes the Tullie Smith House, a plantation-plain house built in the 1840s by the Robert Smith family. Originally located east of Atlanta, outside the city limits, the house survived the destruction in and around Atlanta during the Civil War. The house and detached kitchen were moved to the Atlanta History Center in the early 1970s and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house and separate open-hearth kitchen are now surrounded by a dairy, blacksmith s...

One of the benefits of living in Atlanta, Georgia that there is so many things to see and do.  So this month for my birthday I decided to do a staycation.  You may ask what is a staycation? A staycation is a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.  This is the first time in a long time that I treated myself in being a tourist in the city that I live in. 

I first visited the Swan House in the rich side of Buckhead, Atlanta. Edward Inman, the heir to a large cotton blockage fortune amassed in the post-Civil War "New South" era, was a wealthy Atlanta businessman with interests in real estate, transportation, and banking.  In 1924, he and his wife Emily hired the architectural firm of Hentz, Reid, neighborhood located about six miles north of downtown.  This place was also filmed in the movie  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and it had its own tour.  


Being a registe...

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