Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15th through October 16th which corresponds with Mexican Independence Day which was celebrated on September 16th.  This day recognizes the revolution in 1810 that ended Spanish dictatorship.  On September 15th day is when the formal signing of the Act of Independence of Central America in 1821 and in 1988 the US Congress decided to expanded the week of Hispanic Heritage Independence celebration to a full month.

Today, 55 million people or 17% of the American population are of Hispanic or Latino origin. This represents a significant increase from 2000, which registered the Hispanic population at 35.3 million or 13% of the total U.S. population.

Every region in the Latin-Americas countries have a different types of cuisines of foods.  In Mexico, there is Nopales which is prickly pear cactus paddles which are a good source of fiber and tend to be sauteed or boiled and consumed as a vegetable.  Also in Mexico, rice is typically eaten before th...

The survival of the heirloom varieties of domesticated plants is so important because it contributes to the genetic diversity of breeding plants. Certain heirloom varieties are suddenly becoming extinct and their fewer selections of certain seeds available. If there is only one kind of breed, for example, a tomato then we all would miss the taste, flavor and smell of a heirloom tomato. It is important to organizations like Seed Saver Exchange which has cultivated to preserve and distribute heirloom varieties for all of our future generations to share. (Bidlack 2014) Heirlooms varieties are very important to organic crop farmer market producers and growers. Having Heirlooms seeds brings tremendous monetary value to their crops and further growth.

Some of the heirloom varieties strengths are their distinctive taste, variety and flavor, their adaptability to produce a crop under many different environments conditions, their variety mixtures of genotypes and having a open-pollination duri...

Loving my time at the Hydrangea Festival!  Alot of people do not know that there are plenty of free garden exhibits that are available to see!  

The first free garden exhibit that I went to was the Druid City Daylilly Garden where  owner Will Marchant specializes in hybridizing double, pattern and toothy Daylillies.  He has over 1000 new daylilly seedlings each year and currently has 40 registered unique hybrids.  He has been doing this over 10 years and uses raised beds of daylillies all over his wonderful front yard of his house! I really loved see the varieties of daylillies that he has in his garden and I truly appreciate this  beautiful garden!

The another free garden exhibit is the Plant-a -Row for Hunger Vegetable Garden and Scarecrow Exhibit where the Douglasville Master Gardeners work to plan vegetables for the homeless cooking shelters. At the Plant-a -Row for Hunger Vegetable Garden and Scarecrow Exhibit the West Georgia Beekeepers Assoc...

Now it is time for the Garden Tours !  Alot of people do not know that the Hydrangea is a relatively inexpensive plant with many varieties and is native to the Georgia area.  It is easily grown, matures quickly, and is an heirloom plant.  I had the chance to see these beautiful plants and others in their nature habitat .  

Famous interior and garden designer Susanne Hudson whose work and gardens have been featured in "Better Homes and Garden", "Southern Living" and "Country Living" magazine.  Her garden boasts of hundreds of boxwoods; 235+ Hydrangea with over 25 named varieties, and 2 ponds which were uncovered by her while digging and excavating.  I  had a chance to visit her 100 year old home outdoor space and rustic tree house during the garden visit tour. 

I then had a chance to visit the Jeri and Benny Farmer backyard garden on the garden visit tour.  Their garden is a French inspired gravel garden due to the large trees which caused unhealthy grass to...

2016 has been the best year for Hydrangeas!  Douglasville, Georgia is celebrating by having the 9th Annual Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival !  This year the festival reflects on the purpose of portraying the beauty, traditions, and diversity of America ! The origins of the festival's theme is the "Blue Wave" Hydrangea (see the picture above) !  This type of hydrangea is one of the finest of all hydrangea lacecaps and is a usually  strong and hardy grower.  This distinctive plant's numerous large ray flowers circle the tiny center flowers amongst the supporting dark green foliage.  When grown in light shade, there are few flowering shrubs of any kind which can equal this beauty!   "America, the Beautiful !" is an Americana phrase that indicates our love for America and the "Blue Wave" certainly inspires our affection!

The first place I had a chance to visited was the Standard Flower Show.  The theme title of the show is America the Beauti...

Everyone is familiar with Independence Day on July 4th is celebrated during the month of July but alot of us do not know that it is also National Picnic Month. We have all come to celebrate the love of being outside enjoying each other’s company by having a nice relaxing picnic. When you have a picnic you are celebrating the open air and nature all it has to offer. But what is the definition of picnic and how did picnicking started.

Picnics are extremely popular all throughout the spring summer and fall but during the month of July you see picnics everywhere and I do mean everywhere! One of the reasons why picnics are so popular in July is because a large number of families take their vacations in July and spend much of their time outdoors enjoying the warm weather and having picnics out of a basket or having outside picnics while grilling BBQ on the grill. Oh yeah! Love that BBQ!

Picnic can be defined simply as a pleasure excursion at which a meal is eaten outdoors, ideally taking place...


We all at some time or another have experience acute back pain.  But what are some of the ways that you can relieve this troubling pain?  


Pain is a sensation that provides us with information about tissue -damaging stimuli and thus often enables us to protect ourselves from greater damage (Seeley, R., Stephens, T., & Tate, P., 1999).  Pain at low levels can motivate you to rest the injured area so that the tissues can be repaired and prevent any additional damage (Balch, 2006).  If the pain is severe, it can motivate you to seek treatment.  Acute pain in the lower back can alert you that there is a problem that needs immediate attention and this pain may last long after an injured area has healed.  


There are two types of pain sensations: One is the sharp, well-localized, pricking or cutting pain which results from rapidly transmitting action power (Seeley et al., 1999).  Another is diffuse, burning, or aching pain resulting from action potential that spread more...

I always love the smell of lemon balm herb particularly when it gets close to summer. There is some interesting historical information about this aromatic herb!  


Lemon Balm - Melissa officinalis  -  has a interesting history since the Greek and Roman  times.   Homer's Odyssey mentioned about Lemon Balm and so has the Roman  scholar Pliny who noted that bees preferred lemon balm to other plants.  The Greek physician Dioscorides placed Melissa officinalis on bites, both scorpion and dog, and then would drop some  more lemon balm into wine for the patient to drink.  Dioscorides wrote about many bite remedies because none of them worked well and alot of herbalist during that time kept experimenting.  (Kowalchick, 1987).  

The Arabs were also fans of Lemon Balm  during the 1st and 2nd centuries.  They claimed that it was good for heart disorders as well as for lifting the spirits as an antidepressant medicinal herb. (Houdret, 2002)...

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