This week long ceremony of bountiful feasts, storytelling, music, dance and rich symbolism serves as a window to the African heritage – and provides us with an opportunity to samples some tasty African fare in the process.

The Kwanzza concept is actually relatively new.  It was created in 1966 by Maulana Ron Karenga, a prominent activist in the Black Power Movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s who wanted to give Black Americans and opportunity to celebrate their common heritage in a non-religious tradition.  Kwanzaa (the Swahili word for “first fruits of the harvest”) doesn’t represent any specific African holiday but instead incorporates elements of harvest festival celebrated throughout Africa, during which people renew and strengthen the bonds between them.    This strengthening of relationships and community is the underlying theme of Kwanzaa-evident in its seven guiding principles:  umoja (unity), kujichagulia (self-determination),...

Sweet treats, including cookies and cakes, are on many people’s minds and tables during the holidays. With increased focus on trans fats, the process of hydrogenation that makes liquid oils into solid fats, you may be wondering how you can enjoy these holiday goodies.

You can substitute traditional baking ingredients with healthier options to help lower trans fat intake.

  • Go easy on foods with “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated oils”

  • Switch to oils or trans fat-free margarines

  • Add healthy ingredients to cake or cookie batters, like raisins or toasted nuts instead of chocolate chips

  • Choose products that are trans fat-free.

In addition to limiting trans fat intake, think about cutting back on total fat by using fruit purees or yogurt in place of butter or other spreads.

No matter what changes you make in your holiday recipes to help reduce total fat intake, change slowly and substitute one ingredient at a time.

For more information on healthy eating check out the L...

Holiday gatherings mean special people, special foods and lots of temptation to indulge.

While celebrations often lead to overeating, it is easy to keep things under control if you’ve got a plan.

  • Start your day with a small meal that includes whole grains, fruit, dairy foods and protein like eggs, ham or peanut butter.

  • Grab smaller snacks throughout the day, saving most of your calories for the main meal.

  • Don’t starve yourself before the meal. The longer you go without eating, the more you eat when you sit down for a meal.

  • Select foods carefully. Think about what foods you want to eat, which ones you will just sample and which ones you will skip.

Lastly, enjoy the celebration. Pace your eating and spend time visiting. You’ll eat less and feel good about what you’ve eaten.

For more information on healthy eating check out the Living Healthy website:

As the holiday season gets more chaotic, people often find themselves eating even when they aren’t hungry.

Eating as a result of stress is common for many people. It’s often a learned behavior and one that many people don’t realize is the cause of their eating. If you find yourself eating every time things get a little stressful, take a minute to figure out why you’re feeling that way.

Write down what you are eating, how it tastes and most importantly, how hungry you are. If the answer is, not hungry at all, you may be eating in response to stress.

Curb these habits by continuing to journal how you feel along with what and why you are eating. With time, you will begin to recognize behaviors and can change how you deal with stress.

For more information on healthy eating check out the Living Healthy website:

Yes, It is that season again for tons of eating and having fun! A while ago I discuss the importance of being aware of your eating habits during this holiday season. This is the season for mindless eating where defined by Wikipendia – How food psychology and the food environment influence what, how much, and when people eat. It is so important to break this kind of habit immediately before it starts. Here are some suggestions to battle mindless eating:  

Eating healthy for the holidays are very important but you do not have to starve or deprive  yourself from enjoying holiday eating. Cakes, pies, cookies and candy. The holidays are a time of feasting upon a variety of foods, including sweets. You don’t have to avoid all of​ your favorite treats during the holidays. Just remember to do portion control.

Desserts can be a part of a healthful diet when enjoyed in moderation. If you are going to

enjoy some home baked goodies, forego the piece so big you need a steak knife to cut it


To all of my fellow yogis this is the month for you!  September is National Yoga Month!  Yoga is more than a way to recharge the mind, stretch muscles and boost flexibly, the practice can reconnect an individual to their inner being and the community around them.  But what is yoga?

Yoga can be summarized as three possibilities or approaches:

1. Yoga as Power–

Yoga can be explained as a means to attain a degree of power or control over the body and mind.  Yoga links the body and the mind through intense physical and mental effort.  For instance, through rigorous physical practices a state of concentration is developed and maintained which is used to hold power over the body and the breath.    Within this approach, such control is often seen as prerequisite to the body and mind becoming free of disturbances and distractions.

2.  Yoga as Meditation – 

In this approach, yoga is a tool for a movement towards a deeper relationship with your sense  of soul, by searching both into...

The kids in the South usually go back to school in August so it is time to focus on Shop Smart!  It is great to go food shopping with your children because you can use the is time to teach your child how to shop for food smartly and healthy.  Here are some tips to shop smart:

  • Plan menus and write a shopping list that corresponds with the store aisles. Look for menu planning and recipes on your supermarket’s website. Many sites feature tools for planning and pricing meals.

  • Shop once or twice a week.  Don’t buy on impulse!  Limit impulse buys which can save you time and the cost of gas.  Buy what you need not what you or your children want.  Always bring a shopping list and try to stick to purchasing the items from this list.

  • If you’re taking your kids food shopping, then feed them a light nutritious snack before leaving home so they (and you) don’t get tempted by less nourishing snacks and store samples.  Try peanut butter on apple slices or yogurt wit...

Alot of times I hear from people that they can not afford or have the time in having a healthy lifestyle.  Each day anyone of us can take just a few small steps each day to lead a life.  Here are 6 steps to get started:

  • Eating 5 fruits and vegetables – rich  in vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Eating plenty each day can reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

  • Make a effort to increase your water intake .  Drink plenty of water each day to keep you healthy and hydrated.  Water regulates body temperature, carries nutrients, removes wastes, and cushions joints, organs and tissues.

  • Have three good laughs every day!  Laughing promotes the release of endorphins in your brain, helping you feel better and have a positive attitude.

  • Spend 2 hours of less each day in front of the television or on a computer.

  • Have 1 hour of physical exercise today!  Move your body with physical activity 1 hour each day – walk, bike, swim, dance, run…  Pick activiti...

Are you continuing to skip breakfast?  Feel that you do not have enough time?  You probably already know that breakfast is the most important meal but once you see the benefits of having breakfast you will start eating one everyday .  There are healthy fast options you can make for your breakfast meal.  Beginning your day without breakfast is like starting your car without gas.  People who eat breakfast everyday have a better overall nutrient intake and lower intakes of fat.  Eating breakfast will help you avoid overindulging later in the day.  If you have diabetes, think about this:  A healthy breakfast can help stabilize your blood glucose and keep it stable during the time between breakfast and a snack or lunch.  Eating breakfast is a strategy common to successful weight loss maintainers.

Here below are some healthier options for your breakfast meals:

  • High fiber breakfast cereals with low fat milk

  • Low fat yogurt with fruit and poss...

Boneset - Eupatorium perfoliatum was an important herb in the traditional medicine of native Americans and it was used for fevers, digestive disorders, rheumatism, as a powerful emetic and laxative.  In the Boneset, infusions had a sprinkle of magical protective properties to keep evil spirits away.  The name Boneset has nothing to do with its ability to mend bone fractures but refers to its efficacy in treating "break-bone fever", a virulent flu-like illness, from which early settlers suffered. (Houdret 2002).  By the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, European settlers considered boneset to be a cure-all of different diseases. Boneset was used during that time period to treat many different diseases and conditions. It was one of the most widely used herbal medicines in the America. Some families, as well as medical doctors, kept dried boneset available for immediate use, especially during the flu and cold season. Boneset ability to helps reduce fever by promoting sweating, reduces...

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