New day and new year for the 10th Annual Hydrangea Festival !  Douglasville, Georgia has gone Hydrangea Festival Crazy.  Here is some information from the Hydrangea Festival website on what is happening during this exciting weekend below!  

"Each year, a lead hydrangea is chosen for the Flower Show and the Festival. For 2017, the lead hydrangea is Ocean and the theme is “Making Waves” in a positive way for the community. The Flower Show is a Standard Flower Show and the Show is judged by State Garden Club Judges. The Flower Show has won top state and national awards in its category and this year should be no exception. It is executed by Douglas County Garden Clubs (Ama Kanasta, Town and Country, and Sweetwater), as well as the support of the awesome Douglas County Master Gardeners. The show includes a multitude of horticulture entries from local residents. In previous years, there have been over 500 entries creating a vision for all visitors to enjoy. There are also...

I had the lucky opportunity to experience my first Aromatherapy Massage, and I love it! Special thanks to my lovely sister Dori, I was able to receive a gift certificate to a local spa for my birthday gift! I always wanted to try an aromatherapy massage since I did take a class in aromatherapy and enjoy it! I decide to go to the Elements Massage in Buckhead to try the Aromatherapy Massage.

When I came into the spa, I smelled hints of lavender essential oil diffused in the air along with the soft, soothing music in the background. I decided to try tangerine essential oil called Vitality which has a slight floral scent of blended essential oils. The blended oils of Vitality are calming and can help improve your mood. I was so excited about trying this to relieve my stress that I have been feeling lately.

When I met with my masseur Cantrella, I told her this was the first time had an aromatherapy massage and she understood how anxious I was about it. She was very open and friendly and asked...

I always love going to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens particular for the spring time.   This time at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens was the Georgia Herbalist Guild monthly meeting.  I had the opportunity to listen to Jen Stovall, RN, Community Herbalist and Health Educator, who spoke about Herbalism on a Food Stamp Budget.  Ms. Stovall hails from New Orleans and runs her herbal store in a low-income community.  She explained about her customers are having difficulty obtaining health care and they come to her for help.  She believes that using kitchen herbs are the best such as fennel seed for digestion, dill seed for cooling, black pepper which is hot invigorating for mucus and chili flakes for stimulating the circulatory system particularly for peripheral neuropathy.  The chili flakes placed in between socks and shoes. Turmeric is another herb for liver support and fat digestion which does give a fresh taste.  Basil that is fresh and dry is antiviral, boost the immune system f...

In June 2017, I will be starting my Secretary position with Dietitian Integrative Functional Medicine and I had a excellent opportunity to go to Seattle, Washington for a very important leadership meeting.  While I was there I had the chance to go the 19th Annual Herb and Food Fair at Bastyr University.  This a free festival that brings thousands of visitors and the theme for this year's event is "Plant as Partners: grow, adapt, transform.”

Some of the festival activities included educational speaker,  workshops, cooking demonstrations from nutrition and botanical medicine experts, nutritious and delicious homemade food, tours of the Medicinal Herb Garden, guided walks through the surrounding woods, plant sale with medicinal and culinary plant starts from Bastyr's organic garden, live music and entertainment.  

This fair is run by student-run fair, local entrepreneurs and experts in health, wellness, farm-to-table food, and natural medicine will offer w...

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