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2018 Hydrangea Festival - Part 2

It is part 2 of the garden tours at the 2018 Hydrangea Festival! (This information taken from the Douglas County Tourism and History Commission). Now I am going to stop in Berlin to see the Moreland family home.

The Moreland family wanted as part of their bucket list the chance to restore a older home. They had that chance when a charming bungalow that was built in the 1940's house came on the market. It featured a playhouse built by its original owner for their daughter. This playhouse housed the Moreland family's family memorabilia. There is a much used potting shed in the back garden and they have given the garden new life by incorporating many varieties of their favorite flowering shrub the Hydrangea. The garden also have over 200 of hydrangea as well as many varieties of Hosta.

Second place was the exciting Vienna! The Sears family built their home over 32 years ago. From the parking area, you will walk through a wonderful Monet-inspired allee covered with a collection of antique roses. At the end of allee, there is a small open area with a bench and wagon wheels on either side. Immediately behind this area is the blueberry garden. As you turn right, you will notice the herb garden on the left. There is a stacked stone pedestal nestled in the area across from the outhouse.

Near the pool area, there are various perennials planted around the pool with a backdrop of Oakleaf Hydrangeas. Take the steps up to the dinning area and pay attention to the wonderful array of ferns. There is a jasmine covered arbor, down a walkway with beautiful hosta. Check out the "She Shed" on the right of the pathway. Last, but certainly not least, take in the 150-foot-long amphitheater style terraced garden with roses, vegetable and herbs.

Check out the picture of the Sears family garden on the Living Healthy Instagram: http://www.livinghealthy1.org/living-healthy-instagram

Third and last place was beautiful Paris! The Farmers Family built house 23 years ago and the garden continues to evolve. As the trees in the back garden grew larger, it became increasingly difficult to keep the grass healthy, thus the French inspired gravel garden came into being. The courtyard near the rear of the house features a pedestal with a concrete bust surrounded by boxwoods. The larger formal garden area features four white statues flanked by 40 boxwoods. The garden boasts over 200 hydrangeas with 23 named varieties. Two walkways present the opportunity to stroll in more depth through the back garden. The interior of the conservatory built from reclaimed windows has been redecorated following the Paris theme.

There is a play arena for the grandchildren which features an LGB-scale train for children and adults alike to enjoy. There are two porches to enjoy, one being the front porch and the other being the porch on the lower level of the side garden. The lower garden features boxwoods, crepe myrtle and Little Lime Hydrangeas.

Check out the picture of the Farmer's family garden on the Living Healthy Instagram: http://www.livinghealthy1.org/living-healthy-instagram

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What is your favorite focal point you love in your garden?

(Excited to see more from the Hydrangea Festival! Well, next week is the Flower Show, Artists' Flower, Home and Garden Markets.)

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