• Denine Rogers

2018 Hydrangea Festival - Part 4

Douglas County Master Gardeners Specialty Gardens

I have a confession to make. I love the Douglas County Master Gardeners Specialty Gardens for their creativity and displays of love! These specialty gardens are Master Gardeners Plant-a-Row Vegetable Garden and Scarecrow Exhibit and the Butterfly Garden.

Each year the Douglas County Master Gardeners spend countless hours working hard to create this beautiful vegetable garden to feed the less fortunate members of our community. In addition to seeing the vegetable garden, you will enjoy the artistic creations of themed scarecrows. Guess what themes theses scarecrows represents!

Douglas Master Gardener Butterfly Trail Garden was inaugurated in 2016 through the former first lady Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail. Below is the information of the Butterfly Trail Garden from the Douglas County Tourism Visitor Information Center.

"Since 1990, about 970 million Monarch butterflies have vanished. It happened as farmers and homeowners sprayed herbicides on milkweed plants, which serve as the butterflies' nursery, food source, and home. Butterflies are the third most productive pollinator behind bees/wasp and flies. The world's food supply depends on pollinators. Butterflies are very sensitive to changes in climate, the presence of harmful chemicals. and pollution in the air and water. If an environment is not healthy for butterflies, then it is not friendly to humans and other species. Butterfly gardens help with the loss of habitat by providing milkweed upon which they depend as larva to survive, and nectar plants as food sources."

It is so important to save our butterflies and if we do not then we are no longer going to survive!

Tell me after reading this what plants would you like to plant to attract butterflies?

Check out what I saw at the Douglas County Master Gardeners Specialty Gardens https://www.pinterest.com/livinghealthy1/2018-hydrangea-festival/specialty-gardens/ and http://www.livinghealthy1.org/living-healthy-instagram

Museum, Art Center and Miniature Gardens

Next place was the Miniature Gardens. These gardens were placed in small containers including wheelbarrows, pots, and a multitude of other creative containers. The miniature gardens include plants, miniature garden furniture and structures and more.

There was also at the Douglas County Museum of History and Art Center the "Art In the Garden Exhibit". This exhibit showed alots of beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Last but not least was the Designer Gardens. The Designer Gardens consist of designers and landscape architects that design and install self contained gardens by utilizing the latest in design concepts. These gardens are designed to give visitors ideas for their own gardens while thinking “out of the box”.

Every year I have the best time at the Hydrangea Festival!

I am looking forward to see what happens next year!

Have you ever created and design your own garden?

Describe to me what your garden looks like?

Check out what I saw by clicking this link: https://www.pinterest.com/livinghealthy1/2018-hydrangea-festival/specialty-gardens/ and http://www.livinghealthy1.org/living-healthy-instagram

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