• Denine Rogers

2019 Hydrangea Festival Garden Tours - Part 2

Now on to part 2 of the Hydrangea Festival Garden Tours. Below is the last two homes on the garden tours:

The Farmer Garden

The Farmer's built their house 24 years ago and after 10 years they decided to create a French inspired garden. The courtyard near the rear of the house features a pedestal with a concrete bust surrounded by boxwoods. The larger formal garden area features four white statues flanked by 40 boxwoods. The garden boasts over 200 hydrangeas with 23 named varieties. There was updating and further changes in the garden appearance, including the interior of the conservatory, built from reclaimed windows. The conservatory has been featured in the several Southern Living publications.
There is a play area for the grandchildren which features an LGB-scale train for children and adults to enjoy. There are two porches to enjoy, one being the front porch and the other being the porch on the lower level of the side garden. The lower garden features boxwoods, Little Lime Hydrangeas and Kimberly Queen Farms.

The Vansant/Poole-Rollins House and The Rollins Garden

This 11+ acre historic estate encompasses a 12 room house that was built in 1868 by the first doctor in Douglas County, a smoke house, caretaker's cottage, barn, potting shed and a Vansant family cemetery. Most of the garden area is encased with a custom picket fence reflective of the period. The plantings in the garden feature mostly white blooms, i.e. roses, hydrangeas, and crepe myrtles. There are boxwoods strategically placed throughout the garden. The garden has a touch of "magic" with chandeliers hanging from a specimen pecan tree in the very center of the main garden. There is a lovely Lime Light Hydrangea garden just outside the picket fence. The Vansant Cemetery is located just to the south and west of the main house in a shaded area and has a charming rock wall and iron gate.

What Would You Like To See On The Garden Tour?

Next week is the Specialty Functions and Gardens!

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