• Denine Rogers

2019 Peachtree Health and Fitness Expo

Before the 50th Annual Peachtree Road Race, I had to pick up my racing bib at the Peachtree Health and Fitness Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center. I knew that Expo was going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Peachtree Road Race but I was in shock to how big the celebration!!

I walk into the Georgia World Congress Center and before I walk into the Peachtree Health and Fitness Expo I saw the Wall of All the Names of the Participant Walkers and Runners for the 2019 Peachtree Road Race sponsored by Anthem (My JOB). I wonder if my name was up on this wall and to my excitement it was!!

After taking a picture of my name on the Wall, I turn around and saw the Peachtree Road Race Museum. I had a chance to see the history of the Peachtree Road Race through its Museum. Check out the first runner sneakers, first bibs, first t-shirts and pictures of the first runners from the Peachtree Road Race below.

When I started to walk into the expo, I saw a pile of used sneakers. The pile of used sneakers are from a company from called Eco Sneakers. Eco Sneakers is a program that recycles used sneakers and make them available as affordable footwear in developing countries. This program enhances economic development and sustainability both domestically and abroad but also plays an active role in job creation cleansing the planet and preventing disease. Eco Sneakers program helps sports teams, schools, universities, corporations, charities.

Finally, I walk into the Expo to pick up my running bib and I was excited to see that the 50th year decades theme and the starting block of the race. I first went to see the each decades running clothes gear start with the 1970's decades area where the 70's disco music was grooving and the small shorts were shocking!! The 1980's clothes gear was popping and the racing winners t-shirt was baby blue ! Rocking in the 1990's clothes with the start of the breath through racing gear! Last but not least, the hot 2000's clothing gear where you feel like you are wearing nothing at all!!

At the end of the decades clothes theme I wrote my name on the 50th year wall and check out the pictures of the race.

There were so many vendors and organizations at the expo, particularly Cliff Bar (Love their bars), The Atlanta Falcons with their RISE UP stand (GO FALCONS!) the Medical Sports Massage - stop by to get their Cryo-Theraphy Treatment and start feeling great!! Shepard Center and their golden retriever therapy dogs (they are so cute !!), Make sure to check out the Shepard Center website and see the incredible things they are doing with their patients! I was able to purchase some excellent running clothes, socks, sneakers and head gear at the expo! Check out the video below where I as able to meet the Shepard Center Therapy Dogs in person !

I stop by the 11 Alive booth to see the what the print out of the Peachtree Road Race look like and I saw 11 Alive news anchors Jeff Hullinger and Cheryl Preheim !! Excited to see them in person! I also had the chance to get my picture in a magazine booth! See the pictures and video below!

Before I left the Expo, I had a chance to see all of the athletic strength and cardio training booths. Check out the exciting video and pictures below to see these incredible athletes in action!

The Peachtree Road Race really did a excellent job this year and their goal of celebrating 50th years of racing was a huge success!! See you next year!!

Would you participate in a Road Race this year?

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