• Denine Rogers

Happy New Year - 2020!

I am so happy that 2020 has officially arrived! New Year is a time for new plans and opportunities! There were many highs and lows that happened to myself and family during 2019. The main low was the passing of my beloved dog Beau.

This hit me so hard because it happened so fast. He was diagnosis having diabetes and sadly died two weeks later due to having severe problems with controlling his blood sugars. I really thought that I could not have another dog but my current older dog Chocolate was so lonely and having a hard time going through mourning the lost of Beau. My husband and I decide to get a puppy and hoping that Chocolate would be happy for the new change.

Well, I am happy to welcome my sweet and overly hyperactive GermanLab (German Shepard/Black Lab) Puppy named Little Dee. My husband name the dog after me.

It has been very hard to deal a very young big puppy (She is only 5 months old) but she has been warming our hearts and even Chocolate has started to come closer to Little Dee. The incredible thing about having Little Dee is that she has alot of the mannerisms that my sweet Beau had. Even though my sweet Beau is no longer here, I feel that he will always be here in my heart!

I am so thankful and grateful of seeing another year! 2020 is the year of opportunity and success! I have so many exciting things planned for 2020 that will blow your mind! Recently, I publish my latest article "Keep Gardening Throughout The Winter Season" for the new year in the Douglas County Sentinel Newsletter below.

What are your plans for this new decade of 2020?

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