• Denine Rogers


I have a confession to make! If you are like me, I have been having a hard time keeping my weight to a healthy weight. I know what is my biggest problem and that is sweets. I am a emotional eater and a lots of time I have to step back and ask myself why am I using sweets to suppress my emotions and why am I eating this way. So when I heard that this week is Healthy Weight Week then I decided that this is time to make these changes now before procrastinating to do this next year!

This is the 21st annual Healthy Weight Week which is a time to celebrate healthy diet-free living habits that last a lifetime and prevent eating and weight problems. The Healthy Eating Network and the American Cancer Society states that:

Diets are a temporary fix to a long-term problem and usually, they don’t work. Healthy lifelong habits are what produce weight loss, weight maintenance, and good health. Healthy Weight Week’s main concept is that dieting is not only harmful to your body, but your self-esteem.

My business mission statement is:

Our mission is to help you discover the healthy and positive side of eating and living well while developing a confident self-image

Then why is it so hard to obtain this way of thinking. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves and feel that if I did a strict caloric diet that would jump start my metabolism. NOT! Instead it would make you more hungry than before. The whole idea to make this a permanent change is by starting on little things, such as using a smaller plate. With a smaller plate, you can still eat the foods you love and enjoy, but in moderation. Simple changes make weight loss easy.

Healthy Weight Network states that during this healthy weight week, the scale and BMI calculator should be hidden. This week is all about loving yourself, loving your body, and changing the way you approach health habits

What an incredible way to start eating healthy by loving who you are! There are not diets that do that but instead they do the opposite by disliking who you are and that you must change in order to be happy with oneself. Why must we hurt ourselves in order to obtain a standard of beauty which is not even real! I must digress because I would be getting off the subject.

Why must we hurt ourselves in order to obtain a standard of beauty which is not even real!

So what can we do to get started during this healthy weight week? Healthy Eating Network has the answer below:

  • Stop dieting: No more weight loss goals or thinking being “thin” will make you happy. No more weight-obsessive thoughts; instead focus on being your best self, beginning now!

  • Be active: Being active can mean so many different things, so what is being active to you? No more focusing on the calories burned or time on the treadmill, Focus on the pleasure of movement and the health benefits associated with being active. Start with five minutes a day, and gradually increase your active time.

  • Change your self-image: Use self-talk and affirmations to enhance personal appearance, respect, and self-esteem. Feel good about yourself again, or for the first time!

  • Promote others, too: Extend respect, tolerance, and acceptance to everyone. Promote good relationships and communication with family, friends, and acquaintances. Spend time with the people you love enjoying social activities.

  • Rediscover normal eating: Tune into your body’s internal hunger and fullness signs- eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied. Eat at regular intervals, typically three meals a day, with snacks to satisfy hunger. Enjoy your food!

  • Eat well: All five food groups should be incorporated into your meals each day: bread and grains, fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy, meat and alternatives. All of these can fit in one day, as long as you have balance, variety, and moderation.

  • Relax! Take time for yourself, to relax and relieve the stress in your life. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, chest pains, back pain, indigestion, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, confusion, mood swings, irritability and anger. Take a daily 10-15 minute relaxation break, focusing on emptying your mind and body of the stress accumulated.

  • Respect and appreciate diversity: Remind yourself, and others, that beauty comes in all colors, sizes, and shapes. Promote healthy living for all sizes, and recognize that size prejudice hurts everyone. Respect others, and respect yourself.

I love all of these ideas and activities from the Healthy Eating Network that I am incorporating them as a daily ritual. So why not start this week to incorporate all of these ideas and activities to daily plan and see how you can continue for the rest of the year, or your entire life!

Are you ready to get started this week?

Which ideas and activities are you going to start this week?

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