• Denine Rogers

Launching the Living Healthy Essential Oils Soap Video

It is officially here! My Living Healthy Essential Oils Soaps line is officially open and ready for business! I have been making soap for years but I wanted to incorporate essential oils, herbs and spices instead of the fragrance, dyes and other harmful chemicals. I also wanted to use my soaps and future skin care line to educate the public about the correct usage, safety and the synergy of essential oils, herbs and spices. Some people have asked why I have linked certain essential oils together and not with others. This is because of the positive synergistic interactions that the essential oils have with each other in order to cleanse, moisturize and soothe your skin.

The most exciting thing about these soaps is that you have the chance to choose your own soap base and oil base types. Soap base is composed of fatty acids, glycerin, and other natural ingredients. The base is produced through the “saponification” process, which involves mixing fats and an alkali. The resulting substance is allowed to cure for up to four weeks before it’s ready for use.

The oil base types are called carriers oils. Carrier oils are used for diluting essential oils prior to application. Most are made with vegetables, nuts or seeds and all are excellent for creating natural massage oils that nourish and moisturize the skin while imparting an essential oil's specific benefits.

Make sure that you stop by my website -https://www.livinghealthy1.org/essential-oils-soaps to order your soaps today!

Also, check out my new Living Healthy Essential Oils Soap video below and tell me what you think of the video and website!

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