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Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

English lavender the most popular essential oil!

Everyone that I have known loves lavender particularly the essential oil. Some use it in the diffuser for relaxation while others may use it as an application on the skin to inhale for reducing depression. I have sleeping issues with lavender because it makes me feel too relax and tired. If you have never tried lavender, read this article to learn the incredible benefits that lavender can bring to your life.

English Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia during the Middle Ages was thought to be an herb of love and was considered an aphrodisiac. (Kowalchick, 1987). The Romans are said to have scented their bathwater with Lavender and its unique fragrance has ensured it lasting popularity. Lavender 's medicinal and insecticidal properties were recognized early. (Houdret, 2002)

The name lavender is derived from the Latin lavare, meaning "to wash." Ancient Egyptians created mummification casts by soaking linen in oil of lavender containing asphalt, then wrapping the bodies with these and drying them in the sun until the casts were hard. Lavender has been renowned for its medicinal properties in India and Tibet. In Tibetan Buddhist medicine, lavender is still used to treat insanity and psychoses. (Natural Medicines 2015) In 1387 at the court of Charles VI of France all the cushions were stuffed with lavender both for its pleasant scent and to deter insects. (Houdret, 2002)

Traditionally, the herb's fragrance has been exploited in sachets, to protect linens from moths, and to freshen sickrooms. Lavender was used to soothe troubled minds and bodies as a medicine for hysteria, nervous palpitations, hoarseness, palsy, toothaches, sore joints, apoplexy, and colic. It's ingredients was used for smelling salts and up until World War I, Lavender was used as a disinfectant for wounds. (Kowalchick, 1987). In the early years of this century, Rene´ Gattefosse, one the founders of aromatherapy, discovered the powers of lavender when his badly burned hand was healed after it had been immersed in neat essential oil of lavender. (Houdret, 2002). The extraction method for making lavender into a essential oil is by doing steaming distilling from flowering top.

Lavender essential oil feels like a thin oil consistency and moderate amount of dissolving. It's color and residue is a translucent color and gives a little bit of residue. The desirable lavender aroma is top note is fruity-sweet odor is short-lived. Other types of benefits that lavender have is mental concentration by helping the person to feel calm, balance and relax. When I smell lavender I visualize with my eyes closed, and concentrate on the emotions and memories each lavender aroma that brings. This light smelling aroma reminds me of a smell from the flower shops that I use to go into when I was young. I believe that this starred my interest of gardening.

In modern times, Lavender in scientific research has established the antiseptic and antibacterial properties. In the research Lavender oil has been effected with Alopecia areata with the combination with essential oils from thyme, rosemary, and cedarwood as much as 44% after 7 months of treatment. (Hay IC, 1998). Some evidence suggests that taking a lavender-containing capsule orally improves anxiety in some patients. Clinical research shows that taking a specific capsule containing lavender oil (Silexan) 80 mg daily for 6-10 weeks improves anxiety, remission rates, and sleep scores compared to placebo in patients with mild to severe anxiety. (Kasper, S, 2010).

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Tell me if you have ever try 100% Lavender Essential Oil? If you have what application method did you use?

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