• Denine Rogers

National Garden Month

I am so tired of winter weather with these up and down temperatures. Spring is finally here and so is National Garden Month !! This April month is the right time to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature’s colorful antidote to cabin fever. You could plant some herbs or veggies and experience the added joy of tasting the fruits, if you will, of your labor. April can be a great time to plant tomatoes, beets, corn, basil, and more.

So why should you do any gardening?

Well, National Today explains why we all should start work in our gardens.

It’s about Mother Nature

April means spring and spring means a chance to celebrate new life. Sure you can get outside just to enjoy the sun, but don’t forget to take note of all that’s budding around you. Tulips, freesia, sunflowers, and roses, and are just some of the flowers you might see in bloom during National Garden Month.

It’s about going back to your roots

There’s nothing quite like digging into the soil to plant a seed, and then watching it take root and grow. Getting dirty in the garden and watching new life form before your eyes brings a special kind of joy that’s you can’t really experience through any other activity.

It’s an excuse to get some Vitamin D

Our bodies produce Vitamin D as a response to sunlight, so being out in the garden means getting some good stuff flowing through your system. Vitamin D has all kind of great health benefits like helping with weight loss and bone development, and improving the immune system. Translation: gardening is good for your health!

This year, I am looking at doing pot gardening with my herbs particularly for the ones that spread when the grow (Rosemary is one culprit).

What are you going to plant in your garden this month?

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