• Denine Rogers

New Business, New Chapter

Just want to say to everyone that I am so sorry for not posting anything during the last two Mondays. I have been so busy with the starting launch of my Living Healthy Essential Oils Soaps business, and I had a great time enjoying my birthday!

Loving and blessed that I have seen other year! Never take life for granted! This is no makeup and no airbrush!

Yes, I am a Virgo, and I am enjoying another year before the fabulous 50! Yes, I am 49 years old and proud! We all should be happy and bless about getting older because there are so many people who unfortunately are not able to. I feel that this is a new beginning to a better and happier year. I do want to let everyone know that I will still be doing my nutrition and food part of my business but I wanted to add a wellness component to my company which is Living Healthy Essential Oils Soaps.

Thank you, my dear sister Dori gave me a wonderful birthday gift for my new path of my business.

Please check out my Living Healthy Essential Oils Soaps website: http://www.livinghealthy1.org/essential-oils-soaps

Check out my essential oils soaps: http://www.livinghealthy1.org/essential-oils-soaps

I have been making soaps with essential oils for a long time, but I never thought how I could make it as part of my business. I decided to pray about this and wait for God to give me the answer. I had to be patient and not rush it. I believed that I could link these soaps to my wellness part of my business with my education MS background in herbal medicine and aromatherapy. I am thrilled that I am taking this new leap and chapter with my business! I am walking by faith and not by sight!!! The official launch of my skin care business date is Monday, October 8th, 2018 so look out for further information coming soon. In the meantime, check out my website: http://www.livinghealthy1.org/essential-oils-soaps

I am going to be a guest speaker of Nutrition Student Network at Georgia State University. I will be speaking on "Taking Dietetics to Another Level with Integrative Functional Nutrition" on November 29th, 2018. So excited to talk with next generation of Dietitians!

And to all of the college-age students and everyone else out there, make sure that you are Registered to Vote. For more information about registering to vote click here!

Let me know if you are a foxy 40, a fabulous 50, a sexy 60, a splendorous 70, an electrifying 80, a noble 90 or an outstanding 100! We need not dread in getting old! This is the time that you learn more about yourself and appreciate who you are!

Tell me why you are grateful for seeing other exciting birthday and year?

What are your goals to make that change in life that you always wanted to do?

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