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Release that Holiday Stress

I know that holidays can be very stressful and we feel that we have no time to take time for ourselves. So you may ask what can I do to release all of that stress. Read below on what top 5 stress free exercises that you can start doing today!

Daily Meditation

Doing meditation every day for 5 to 20 minutes can make you calmer, happier, peaceful and more focused. The outstanding thing about meditation is that it is no cost to you.

It is a hard time for those who unsuccessfully have a hard time to meditate quietly for 5 to 10 minutes. I too have problems with meditation, and I am making an effort to create a habit of sticking with daily meditations. I am learning about the definite perks that meditation has given me which are allowing me to continue this beneficial daily habit.

So how can we start to do meditation as a daily habit? We can start with 1-2 minutes per day and then add on more minutes when we feel ready. Anyone can do meditation at any time, but it is recommended to meditate in the early mornings just before the start of the day. Below are some excellent resources to get started with meditation.


3 Meditation Hacks for People Who Can’t Meditate

Meditation for Beginners (Zen Habits)

How to Meditate for Beginners (True Wellth)

Headspace Meditation App


One of the best stress relieving exercise is Yoga. You may ask why is yoga the most popular stress-free exercise. It is because it involves a series of moving and stationary poses and postures with a combination of deep breathing. Yoga is a mind-body exercise where you can strengthen your body's natural relaxation response along with bringing a healthy balance. When relieving stress, it is essential to do gentle yoga or yoga for beginners, not power yoga because it may be too intense. Want to start doing this today? Check out these resources below:


8 All-in-One Yoga Apps That Cost Less Than Your Yoga Studio

Yoga DVDs for beginners: Shiva Rea: Flow Yoga for Beginners and Element: AM and PM Yoga for Beginners With Elena Brower and Rodney Yee's Complete Yoga for Beginners

10 Motivating Yogis to Follow on Instagram

6-Minute Focusing Yoga Routine

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a free-flowing stress-less exercise. It is a series of self-paced, continuous body movement and breathing techniques. Tai Chi is meant to calm the mind and condition the body. There are many health benefits with Tia chi such as reducing blood pressure, elevate the immune system, assist with building bone density and alleviate symptoms of conditions like heart failure, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Once you have learned the moves of Tai Chi, then you can practice them anywhere at any time. This exercise can be incorporated into everyday life for people of all ages. See below for more resources.


Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Health and Well-Being Video - https://nccih.nih.gov/video/taichidvd-full

3 EASY TAI CHI VIDEOS FOR SENIORS PREVENT FALLS, IMPROVE BALANCE AND STRENGTH - https://dailycaring.com/3-easy-tai-chi-videos-for-seniors-prevent-falls-improve-balance-and-strength-video/

Tai Chi Exercise Videos for Arthritis - https://www.arthritis.org/living-with-arthritis/exercise/videos/tai-chi/

Tai Chi - National Institute of Aging - https://go4life.nia.nih.gov/exercise/tai-chi/


Walking is the most straightforward and natural stress-free exercise to do and requires no classes or special equipment. There is proven research that frequent walking can reduce incidences of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity.

Regular walking regiments have reduced stress levels and increase self-confidence for taking an active role in wellness. If you are getting started with walking for exercise try to aim for walking 10 minutes for two to three days per week. Once you feel comfortable with walking, then you can gradually increase the frequency and duration of your walks after two or three weeks. It is recommended to do 30 minutes walks for 5-6 times per week to maintain health and stress management.

If the weather is bad, then try these walking in place and indoor walking videos below.


Leslie Sansone 2 Mile Walking Workout - http://www.totallyfreeworkouts.com/2012/01/free-online-walking-workout-in-2-parts.html

12-Minute Indoor Power Walking https://www.sparkpeople.com/blog/blog.asp?post=12minute_indoor_power_walking_workout

Walk With Ease Exercise Videos - https://www.arthritis.org/living-with-arthritis/exercise/workouts/walking/videos/

14 Walking Workouts To Burn Fat And Boost Energy - https://www.prevention.com/fitness/a20504504/14-walking-workouts-to-burn-fat-and-boost-energy/


Qigong is one of the cornerstones of Chinese Medicine healing.

Qigong assists you to become more present in your body. When regularly practicing qigong it can promote an increase of energy, improve digestion and sleep and provide the feeling of serenity. Qigong allows intense relaxing to the nervous system, by focusing on the moving in harmony and providing slow, gentle movements. Learn some of the beginner's qigong movements in the resource section.


Find a qigong healer in your area at www.qigonginstitute.org

Master Li Junfeng introducing Sheng Zhen Healing Gong I, movements 1-5 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p12vknxpz_o

Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Health and Well-Being Video - https://nccih.nih.gov/video/taichidvd-full

Free qigong exercises - holding the sun - Everyday Tai Chi - http://www.everyday-taichi.com/free-qigong-exercises.html

So start on doing these excellent stress free exercises today and release that holiday stress now!

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