• Denine Rogers

Salt Awareness Month

The food industry and government are very concerned about the harmful effects of a high salt diet. They are trying to bring about a reduction in the amount of salt in processed foods as well as salt added to cooking, and the table. Many people feel that to cut down the sodium intake that they can switch to more expensive and premium forms of salt, such as sea salt and pink Himalayan salt. They believe that they are healthier than regular table salt. Some surveys have shown that 61% of consumers believe that sea salt is lower in sodium than table salt. Garlic salt and celery salt are also popular alternatives to regular table salt.

Do not be deceived! Salt is salt. No matter how expensive salt is, whether it comes in crystals or grains, from the sea or the Himalayas, our research has shown that all salts have more or less the same sodium content as table salt. Apart from specific alternatives to sodium salts (such as potassium salt) all salt is high in sodium, which increases your blood pressure, and this increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and several other health conditions.

So, what other alternatives can you use to season your foods and meals? Use herbs and spices. Reducing the amount of salt in your diet helps to improve health. Foods may initially taste bland, but within two or three weeks, you will become accustomed to the taste of lower salt foods. During this time, the salt taste receptors in the mouth become much more sensitive to salt, and you will begin to detect salt much more efficiently at lower levels. Using other sources of flavor, such as herbs, spices, black pepper, vinegar, lemon juice, and chili, can improve the taste of food ultimately to make the transition even more comfortable for you.

So start going through your herb and spices rack and bring some life to your food by putting zesty seasonings for tonight’s meals.


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What is your favorite seasoning?

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