• Denine Rogers

Speaking at University of West Georgia

I had wonderful chance to speak to students in the Health and Community Wellness program at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia.

My presentation was on the "Current Nutrition Issues and Trends" where I discussed about the truth about the latest fad favorite diets. Check out my presentation below:

After my presentation, Professor Gina Brandenburg, MS, CHES, gave me a tour of the state of the art Wolf Wellness Lab in the Sport Management, Wellness & Physical Education Department. I was so surprised to see that they offer biometric screenings packages at an very affordable price. The type of biometric screenings that are available in the Wolf Wellness Lab are blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol profile, body composition, resting heart rate, waist-hip ratio, cardio screen and muscular fitness screen. There is also a dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan, also called a bone density scan, is a common technique used to measure bone density. This completely painless procedure is easily performed and exposes the patient to minimal radiation.

Below are the pictures of the Wolf Wellness Lab at the University of West Georgia:

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment and you live in the Carroll and Douglas County in Georgia, you can email them at wolfwellness@westga.edu.

I do want to personally thank Professor Gina Brandenburg, MS, CHES, for inviting me to speak with her students and for the incredible tour of the Wolf Wellness Lab.

Tell me what are the craziest fad diets that you have ever heard of and what healthy eating habits changes that you are currently doing.

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