• Denine Rogers

Start Stocking a Healthy Pantry and Fridge Due to COVID 19

It has been hard for all of us lately to purchase food from the supermarkets. A lot of times, you go to the store, hoping to find the items that you need and then finding out that it was not there. What can you do to have meals for the week? Here are tips for stocking a healthy pantry and refrigerator from Feeding America:


  • Stock up on lean proteins, such as canned light tuna, salmon or white meat chicken (salt-free), packed in water.

  • Try frozen chicken breast or frozen ready-to-cook fish fillets.

  • Choose dried or low sodium or no salt added canned beans. Draining and rinsing canned beans can also help cut down on salt.

  • Include nuts, seeds and nut butters, like peanut butter or almond butter. Store them in the fridge to help them last longer.

Fruits and Vegetables-

  • Choose sturdy fresh fruits and vegetables, such as celery, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, onions, sweet potatoes, beets, squash, oranges and apples.

  • Choose frozen or low-sodium or noadded salt canned vegetables. Drain and rinse canned vegetables to further cut down on the salt.

  • Choose frozen or canned fruit that is packed in 100% juice or water.

  • Canned tomatoes are a great base for soups and sauces. Choose low-sodium or no-added salt varieties and add your own herbs and spices.

Dairy/Milk Alternatives-

  • Choose shelf-stable plain, low fat or skim milk. These can be boxed or powdered.

  • Choose shelf-stable unsweetened nondairy alternatives, like soy milk, almond milk, or oat milk.

Grains -

  • Stock up on dried whole grains, such as whole wheat pasta, quinoa, brown or wild rice and oatmeal.

Staples -

  • Ditch the salt shaker and stock up on dried herbs and spices to add flavor to meals

Other Tips-

  • Many shelf-stable foods are high in added sugar and salt (sodium). Check food labels. Compare products and choose ones that have lower amounts of sodium or added sugar on the Nutrition Facts label.

  • Many frozen and boxed meals are high in salt. Look for varieties that are less than 480 mg of sodium per serving.

  • Always be sure to practice good food safety. Wash your hands with soap and water, clean cooking surfaces and utensils and rinse produce with water.

Are You Stocking Your Healthy Pantry and Refrigerator?

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