• Denine Rogers

Stress Awareness Month

We all go through it. Sometimes daily and for others every minute. But are we aware of what is causing our stress? I often at times have to retrace throughout the day on what caused my stress in the first place and what can I do to change my response to it. This month is stress awareness month where you can learn productive and healthy ways to have a balanced and peaceful life. Use the #NationalStressAwarenessMonth or #StressAwarenessMonth on your social media pages. This will alert your family and friends to be aware of their stress levels and to find ways to treat their stress levels when it gets out of control.

I recently read an article by Morton C. Orman, M.D. on the 18 Ways To Survive Your Company's Reorganization, Takeover, Downsizing, or Other Major Change. What I learned is that I can take the suggestions that he gave to any stressful situation that is not job-related. Here are three of the eighteen recommendations that I am looking at using for my daily life:

1. BE PREPARED FOR CHANGE- Changes will always happen, but it does not mean that you should get stress out about it. Having prepared yourself in advance will enable you to feel much more satisfied and secure in your everyday day-to-day activities.

2. PROTECT YOUR LEISURE TIME- Do you know that 42 percent of Americans forgo their leisure time each year? Are you one of them? If you then stop this immediately!! It's more important to get away from your job and have some time each day for yourself. That way, you'll be refreshed, energetic, and much more productive than all those people who spend all their time on the job. This goes for other situations that would cause you stress. Make sure to do that ME TIME!!

3. REMAIN UPBEAT AND POSITIVE - Acknowledging any negative feelings you might be harboring improves your ability to remain upbeat and optimistic! I know that sounds crazy mainly when I read it in the article, but it is true. If you force yourself to tell the whole truth of the situation that you are in, then you will see both the positive and negative aspects of any significant change. It will give you a perspective that can help you feel more positive and upbeat, without having to deny your feelings to the contrary.

Make sure that you have a chance to read this article and learn that you are in control of your stressful situation.

What are you doing in order to relieve stress?

How are you handling stress situations?

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