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Living Healthy offers Integrative and Functional Nutrition Virtual Group Programs and Virtual Individual Coaching Programs specializing in Digestive Health, Cancer Prevention, Cardiovascular Wellness, Perimenopause/Menopause, Diabetes, Immune Health and Food Sensitive/Intolerances. Living Healthy Virtual Programs focus on making healthy food choices, how to change your behavior with food and having a better relationship with food.


The virtual programs may include lab testing recommendations, meal plans, recipes, monthly support via email, follow-up visits, virtual sessions, exercise recommendations, meditation and relaxation recommendations, and supporting ancillary material such as video and website links, herbal supplements, essential oils and supplements recommendations.


Living Healthy Virtual Programs are bundles of cost-saving products and consulting sessions that will make you feel great and look healthy! These Living Healthy Virtual Programs are for Service Paying Clients, Health Spending Account (HSAs) and Federal Spending Account (FSAs) Clients Only.

Save money by starting to Living Healthy!

Virtual Group Programs are for those who need more support and accountability.  It is 6 weeks long group sessions, no 1:1 coaching,  No 1:1 appointments, No messaging, No lab tests, or No interpretation and will receive a 20% supplement discount 

Virtual Individual Coaching Programs are for clients who have complicated cases or who need a lot of support and customization.  There are unlimited appointments, unlimited messaging & food tracking, testing as recommended
and supplements included during program