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Living Healthy Virtual Programs 

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Are you ready to start living healthy?

Living Healthy Programs use a five-step approach to get your care's best results.

Step 1

Your Problem


 What is menopause? What is diabetes? What is gut health? What are hot flashes? At the start of this program, we will identify what you are struggling with right now.

Step 2

Your Symptoms

This is where you evaluate your symptoms by using the Living Healthy Full Assessment Form. You will complete the assessment form and I will assess the possible causes of your symptoms.  Included in the assessment is the lifestyle section, which will help you assess specific areas of your life to see which of your habits contribute to your symptoms. These lifestyle habits consist of eating habits, stress symptoms, and exercise patterns.

Step 3

Finding Solutions

Now that you know all about the causes and symptoms of your health issue, you are ready to find solutions to create your individualized treatment plan. You will learn about different solutions that will work best for you.. These solutions include diet, nutrition, stress reduction, exercise, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, vitamin/mineral supplementation, meditation/deep breathing, yoga, and drug therapies options.


Step 4

Your Treatment Plan

Together we will create a customized treatment plan unique to you and your needs. Your plan will be based on the lifestyle practices from the Living Healthy workbook.


Step 5

Your Transformation

This is when you will use the complete program to help relieve some of your symptoms to prevent others and attain new health and vitality levels.  This is where you try the treatment options that feel most comfortable. Practice those that bring a tremendous sense of relief for your particular symptoms. General improvement in your overall health and lifestyle is the ultimate goal to start living healthy!

Living Healthy offers Virtual Individual Coaching Programs specializing in Perimenopause/Menopause, Diabetes Care, Anti-Inflammation, Gut Health, Weight Loss Essentials, Skincare, Food Allergies and Intolerance.  The Living Healthy customized programs have changed the traditional sense of healthcare by focusing on the proper nourishment we put into our bodies. We also focus on spices, herbs, supplements, exercising plans, lab testing, and essential oils by adding them to support healthy and positive outcomes.

Living Healthy assist you on how to optimize health and well-being through incorporating eating delicious, whole foods, creating a healthy menu and meal plans, having a healthy lifestyle, integrating stress reduction techniques, and having a spiritual foundation base.  Living Healthy Virtual Programs focus on making healthy food choices, changing your behavior with food, and having a better relationship with food.

The virtual programs has separate pricing for lab testing, herbal supplements, essential oils, vitamin and mineral supplements recommendations.  The programs will include meal plans, recipes, monthly support via email, follow-up visits, virtual sessions, exercise recommendations, meditation and relaxation recommendations, and supporting ancillary material such as video and website links.

Living Healthy Virtual Programs are bundles of cost-saving products and consulting sessions that will make you feel great and look healthy!

If you have health insurance you can be placed on a sliding scale for the Living Healthy Virtual Programs where after the end of your reimbursement you can pay the difference of the program through Out of the Pocket or Health Spending Account (HSAs) or Federal Spending Account (FSAs).

Save money by starting to Living Healthy!

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Disclaimer: This website is meant to inform the general public and other healthcare providers on nutrition and health issues. Information on this website does not replace that of your own healthcare provider. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for personal medical attention, diagnosis or hands-on treatment.  ​ALWAYS consult your doctor prior to changing your diet or starting a new supplement or exercise regimen.

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